THE COMMENTARIAN is a compilation of writings from a sole source thinker who comments on books and biblical scriptures from a Christian worldview. These essays and articles span four decades of contemplation and questions with which this author has wrestled. Social, philosophical, ethical, moral issues are at the forefront of these writings, embedded in a biblical perspective and understanding of the author at the time of entry into his personal journal. Commentary on literary works is not intended to be complete book reviews, but rather excerpts of those publications which caused this “commentarian” to compose his own thoughts, usually in the context of his understanding of the Holy Bible scriptures.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: This author is not a trained academician, theologian or linguist…just a thinker, inquirer, questioner – an ordinary guy who seeks to understand the marvels of this life, his place in it and continues to respond to his creator’s calling. Michael Mikeworth has enjoyed careers that have spanned the private, governmental and non-profit work sectors. Now, he continues to pursue that calling via these essays – beyond those careers.

INVITATION: You, the reader, are invited to comment on these articles. My endeavor is to make all my comments in good faith, doing my best to yield to the Spirit of Truth. Perhaps common ground can be found in this approach to benefit all thinkers.

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