“Some trust in chariots, and some in horses; but we will make mention of the name of the Lord our God.” (Psalms 20:7).”

The Back Story

It is only recently that I have slowed down my reading of the Bible in order to notice such subtleties regarding references to GOD.  For example, the creator GOD of Genesis 1 was identified by the writer, simply, as Elohim.  In the first three verses of Genesis 2, there is the account of this elohim completing his creative work, followed by rest on the seventh day.  In the fourth verse, the writer provides a proper name, YHWH (יהוה‎) Elohim: the LORD GOD.  There are many references in the Old Testament to elohim (gods) that are not referring to the LORD GOD of Israel.  Why the writer of Genesis waited, in the story, to refer to the proper name of YHWH (Yahweh) until after His rest – I do not know, but in the recounting of the creation story, YHWH is identified by name, specifically, as THE ELOHIM who created it all.

This same GOD revealed Himself to the patriarchs of Israel (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob) in a variety of encounters.  BUT, He never told them His name…which was revealed to Moses more than 400 years later.  At the burning bush, He identified Himself as “I AM”, the self-existent “IS”.  Israel, unlike Egypt and other surrounding nations, did not have a name for their GOD.  Imagine a history of believing the accounts of the encounters of your forefathers with Elohim, but being unable to refer to Him by name – for more than 400 years!  When Moses asked the voice at the burning bush to identify Himself by name (Exodus 3:13-14), it must have been within the pre-plan of YHWH to bring this new revelation of Himself to His people at that particular time in history.  After Moses arrived back in Egypt to fulfill his assignment, GOD reinforced His previous conversation with Moses at the burning bush/mountain encounter.  Exodus 6: 2-3 says, “And GOD spoke to Moses and said to him: ‘I am the Lord.  I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, as GOD ALMIGHTY (Heb: be-‘el shad-dai), but by My name LORD (Heb: YHWH) I was not known to them.’”

The Story

Recently, I have been talking with my adult children about the condition of the U.S. and world monetary systems.  Much of the public discussion does not inspire long-term confidence with regard to topics like run-away inflation, over-valued stock market, new types of “currency” such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, heavy government incursion into private sector entrepreneurship and “woke” corporations imposing non-traditional policies and regulations necessary for transactions.  The power-brokers attempting to control their self-interests via artificial manipulations to their benefit could be a trap in which they ensnare themselves.  Psalms 35:7-8 says “Since they hid their net for me without cause and without cause dug a pit for me, may ruin overtake them by surprise – may the net they hid entangle them, may they fall into the pit, to their ruin.”   Our generation is looking for monetary transactional systems in which to trust, desperate to “save their lives” with some material security that is tangible.

The psalmist in Psalms 20 was addressing Yahweh with this request to look out for him, even in the midst of those who are deviously plotting against him.  David expresses something better in which to trust.  How much better to rely on the Lord responding to me in my day of trouble?  The NAME of the God of Jacob (YHWH) can set me on high, above that day of trouble.  My security?  A confidence that the eternal “IS” will send help from His sanctuary.  His covenant agreement is the surety of His security.   As a result, sacrifices of thanksgiving were presented to the Deliverer with hope that they would be received.  All sacrifices are not automatically received.  Cain’s weren’t.  I know that salvation is at Your discretion, just as the three Hebrew boys knew when they faced Nebuchadnezzar’s ire and fire.  These three were asking the same as David, “Grant according to thine own heart.” 

David’s declaration in verse 6 points directly to Jesus.  The yet to come “anointed one” (Heb. Meshiach – “messiah”) will be saved by the LORD, who will answer Him from HIS holy heaven with the mighty acts of HIS right hand.  In Messiah, David expressed the same hope of salvation in his days of trouble.  “Some trust in chariots and some in horses – but we will make mention of the name of the Lord our God.”  The ancient Pharoahs were buried with their chariots and horses in whom they trusted, but we will trust in our unseen Deliverer.  They will be bowed down to our trusted Lord.  Every knee shall bow.  It is just a matter of when we bow down.

“SAVE, Lord!”  This sounds demandingly desperate – not a meek plea.  Similarly, Jesus taught us to pray: GIVE us this day our daily bread…FORGIVE us our debts…DELIVER us from evil.  Who do you trust to do all of that?

Final Thoughts

There is so much noise in the ethereal ethernet vying for our superficial attention.  Is not most of our generation’s attention superficial, comprised of soundbites, headlines and slogans?  To disconnect from that ethernet is a monumental decision in our day because daily business demands the connection AND our eyes/ears can never be satiated.  Careful consideration of that mindless chatter reveals the unsubstantiated premises being mass marketed to our generation, but the constant barrage of messaging seeps into our souls as if it is TRUTH.  Perhaps if I was more vocal about making “…mention of the name of our God” I would not be so subject to trust in the chariots and horses of the ethereal ethernet.  Perhaps declaring that NAME would disconnect me from that subscription to second heavenly chatter, connecting me to the SERVER which is located in the higher heaven.   SAVE, Lord!

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  1. Jim Clark says:

    Excellent, Mike. It prompted me to once more call on Jesus, the mighty Name of Jesus, to deliver me when I get down and discouraged and don’t feel His presence. By faith, once more I call on His mighty Name to deliver me from negative thoughts and the temptations of the world and to rest in His love, grace and mercy. Please keep writing these posts! Brotherly, Jim

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